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Welcome to Advanced Billing Concepts. We specialize in getting doctors and business owners their money more quickly as well as helping them create new avenues of income. Please feel free to look through our web site to see the various systems we offer or Request a Free CD to get an overview of how we can help you.


Advanced Billing Concepts Now Has A New Phone Number: (719) 359-8458!


Solutions for Doctors
Our company is dedicated to helping doctors of all types increase their cash flow using new innovations in technology. On this site you will find solutions for increasing the amount of money—and speeding up the time it takes to collect that money—from both insurance companies and your patients. You will also find information on our other services that can help you increase your patient base and build your practice. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of service to you.

Solutions for General Businesses
Beyond assisting doctors, Advanced Billing Concepts also specializes in helping all types of businesses increase their cash flow using next generation methods. On this site you will find solutions that will increase the amount of money you collect from customers and decrease the time it takes to collect it! Please contact us today to discover how your business may benefit from these unique services.

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